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Are appointments needed?

You may stop by our showrooms within the operating business hours. However, scheduling an appointment ahead of your arrival can ensure that we are available to meet with you and talk about your potential project. We also offer in-home appointments and concierge services as well.

Do I need to visit a showroom for a consultation?
No, we can do everything over the phone or email. Call 717-925-3917 or contact us to get started.
Is all granite the same?

There are literally hundreds of granite types and colors from around the world. Only a few dozen are suitable for monuments and only a dozen or so provide exceptional sandblast results and will retain their durability for generations to come. Weaver Memorials is very selective in making sure the colors and the granite we offer are going to look great now and forever.

Are all engravings the same?

No, a good engraving will be crisp/sharp, of proper depth and have good contrast between polish and frosted areas. Leaves and flowers should be shaped (not flat) and there should be no paint covering up poor results. Our own in-house Craftsmen have been engraving monuments the “old fashioned way” for over 175 years. We believe a forever tribute is worth the extra time and expertise to do it the right way.

Why do some companies paint the engraving?

Painting over sandblast is a way for companies to hide poor craftsmanship or poor granite quality (or both). It’s a way to cut corners and hoping the customer doesn’t know. Good quality granites and properly engraved monuments do not need painted as they are legible without it. Paint also tends to chip/bleed out over time, further defacing the monument. Weaver Memorials does NOT paint engravings unless specifically requested by the customer.

How long does a monument order take to deliver?

 Prior to 2021, delivery used to take about 3-4 months. Due to unprecedented order volumes in our industry in ’21 and ’22 combined with ongoing supply chain issues, delivery can take anywhere between 6-9 months depending on the product type. If a monument company is quoting less than 6 months to deliver, make sure the delivery date is written on your contract “or it’s free” if delivered thereafter

What is the benefit of purchasing Quarry-Direct?

Quarry-Direct provides us with “first pick” on the best quality granite, reserved for exclusive Rock of Ages dealers such as us. Outside manufacturers may not be as scrupulous and always receive second-best quality or worse.

Why does Weaver Memorials primarily use North American granite?

 North American granite quarries offer consistently superior quality vs. memorial products from China and India. North American granites are more durable, produce crisper and more vivid engravings and will not fade or water stain over time. North American granites also arrive faster than overseas products. Weaver Memorials also sees the value in keeping our hard-earned dollars here at home to support our own communities.

Why is it better to order through a quarry-direct monument company instead of my funeral director/ cemetery caretaker?

Quarry-Direct monument companies work with the quarry and manufacturer directly to obtain your granite and create your monument. It ensures the highest quality monument is received in the least amount of time and for the best price. Funeral Homes and Cemetery Caretakers often use third-party vendors and outside manufacturers, so the quality and even the quarry of origin may be unknown, while it can take longer to receive and is often at an inflated price due to middleman markups.

Must I pay everything upfront?

No, We require 50% down payment to place your monument order.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, We can work with most budgets and offer flexible payment plans. Ask your memorial counselor on what might work for your budget.

Do you offer tours of your production facility?

We do! As a customer you can enjoy a free tour of our engraving facility in New Holland, speak with our craftsmen directly, and see them in action. Ask your memorial counselor for details and to schedule your visit.

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Our licensed and trained in-house service team is here for you.

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